Unified Healthcare Platform

The Maestro platform enables organizations like yours to make the successful journey towards value-driven care and harness data to its fullest potential to deliver cost-efficient, high-quality care while gaining a competitive edge in today’s reimbursement environment.

A different kind of reimbursement model requires a new way of thinking. To succeed in fee-for-value reimbursement, you have to work collaboratively with hundreds of providers, and facilities all at the same time.

Acombina’s Maestro platform helps you integrate your previously siloed systems into a unified whole and consolidate all the data in a single place so you can analyze how each aspect of your operations and network is impacting the quality and cost of care you deliver.

  • Acquire and retain the right patients
  • Engage providers and third parties
  • Optimize utilization of beds, operating rooms, and doctors
  • Boost call center productivity without adding more staff
  • Answer essential business questions for growth
  • Grow your referral network


Patient Relationship Management

Acombina Symphony is a full-featured patient engagement center with integrated telephony solution that allows you to engage with your patients and track whether your marketing efforts are working. Using Symphony, one hospital’s call center increased their calls by 50,000 without adding more staff.

  • Improve handle times (AHT) with our AgentAssist, which helps agents execute optimal next steps and appropriate campaigns within the first 10 seconds of the call
  • Refer patients to your facilities and partner facilities with confidence that the system will track the referral to completion and alert the right people at the right time
  • Reduce call-volume spikes by shifting inbound demand to outbound callbacks


Provider Directories and Matching Solutions

Acombina Ensemble provides data management, listing, search, and scheduling tools to help your organization match patients with the right providers.

  • Boost patient acquisition and retention with white-labeled online directory, search engine, and scheduling tools
  • Reduce average length of stay by more efficiently placing patients into post-acute facilities
  • Maximize in-network referrals with tracking and analytics tools


Patient Navigation and Care Orchestration

Acombina Concerto is a suite of tools for tracking the patient population within your network and across your partners. That might be from primary care to a specialist, ED back to primary care, acute to post-acute, etc.

Using simple and powerful kanban boards, you can ensure the right care is delivered at the right time and at the most appropriate cost as patients move through the care journey.

  • Boost productivity and deliver better care with simply but powerful kanban boards
  • Improve patient satisfaction with convenient mobile and kiosk tools
  • Reduce overhead through automation and streamlined schedule coordination


Care Resource Planning and Reservation

Acombina Performance helps you manage your healthcare operations by providing a consolidated view of your important assets—beds, imaging, specialists, and operating rooms—and a set of tools to reserve and match these assets to the right people. Through Performance, we’ve helped organizations reduce surgery scheduling times from 2 weeks to 2 hours.

  • Improve operating room utilization by internal and external providers through the Surgery Portal
  • Reduce scheduling procedures from weeks to hours
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts resulting from antiquated systems and lost faxes
  • Reduce average length of stay with real-time notifications and dashboards
  • Improve utilization of expensive imaging assets
  • Optimize supply and demand matching of diagnostics, beds, and pharmacy orders


Health Data Science

Acombina Virtuoso is a fully cloud-based healthcare analytics solution that is scalable to any size of organization. Whether you have a few hundred gigabytes of data or a few hundred terabytes we have an analytics platform to help you make sense of your data.

  • Lower your readmission rate through a 360-degree view of the patient journey
  • Benchmark average length of stay and identify inefficiencies
  • Support capacity planning and predict resource usage to reduce costs
  • Determine the effectiveness of your provider matching
  • Calculate patient lifetime value
  • Determine the right audience targeting for campaigns
  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities