Acombina Ensemble

Provider Directories and Matching Solutions

You want to deliver the best care by finding the right providers for your patients. But the sheer size of your facilities and processes that were drafted decades ago make it a challenge.

If patients don’t find the right providers within your network, you could lose them to your competitors through costly out-of-network referrals or lose opportunities to maximize care for your existing patients.

Processes have not kept up with the times

If a patient goes to the primary care doctor in a typical hospital, usually the front desk will just open up a paper booklet to find a specialist or just refer to people they know.

What’s the problem with this approach?

  • Paper booklets easily become outdated and can get costly
  • You need to spend to print the booklets yearly

Even if the facility is already using a spreadsheet or Cactus to store provider information:

  • Agents or receptionists don’t necessarily have a quick way to check provider’s availability, which means it takes days to schedule with specialists
  • Patients don’t have a way to search and view the list on their own

Another problem for call centers is that they’re working with a lot of different tabs and sticky notes for each system they’re using. That leads to confusing and inefficient workflows.

A single place for providers

Ensemble is a package that consolidates all your provider information in a single place and makes it easy for your staff, call centers, and patients to quickly find the best match—even if you have different systems in place.

The solution includes:

  • A web-based directory with convenient filters and search
  • Scheduling, availability, and appointment tools
  • An internal directory with powerful search engine and knowledge management features for call centers and health workers
  • Secure data storage system and integration

No need to start from scratch or replace existing systems

Our solution can take your Cactus feed or other data source and clean it up to fill up the directory so you don’t need to start building your directory from scratch.

You can even keep your other systems and let Ensemble act as a single source of truth for your provider data.

How it Works:

  1. Jane, who suffers from a knee problem, sets an appointment with her primary care physician using our online or mobile appointment tools
  2. Her primary care physician, Dr. Meredith writes a referral to see a knee specialist
  3. Dr. Meredith uses ProviderGate
  4. Jane goes to the hospital or clinic’s online directory
  5. Using the keyword and location filters, she finds a knee doctor near her place and requests a callback
  6. The call center agent, John, sees that Jane is already an existing patient and makes the call
  7. John, after getting Jane’s preferred schedule, sets an appointment with Jane’s primary care physician, Dr. Stone
  8. The system takes care of scheduling and notifying both Jane and Dr. Stone

Improve health outcomes while streamlining your operations

  • Boost patient acquisition and retention
  • Improve call center efficiency
  • Reduce wait times for appointments, referrals, and surgery schedules
  • Minimize call handle times by equipping call center agents with searchable and high-performance internal provider directories
  • Maximize in-network referrals through tracking and analytics tools
  • Reduce average length of stay by more efficiently placing patients into post-acute facilities
  • Support initiatives to address social determinants of health care by maintaining a list of multi-sectoral partners and collaborators