Acombina Concerto

Patient Navigation and Care Coordination

Walk down a corridor of any health facility and you’ll see staff furiously switching between a heap of tabs and windows, glancing back and forth the screen and a tangle of sticky notes to understand the full status of a patient and find out who’s working on what. They could be typing things thrice and performing five steps on ten different systems just to get their work done, all while managing interruptions in a fast-paced environment.

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could have a kind of board in your web browser that lets you track all the information relevant to a patient’s journey in your network—including their insurance status, referrals in an intuitive and visual way?

Just like Trello or Asana’s boards. But for health care.

That’s exactly what Concerto does. It’s a suite of tools for tracking the patient population within your network and across your partners. That might be from primary care to a specialist, ED back to primary care, acute to post-acute, etc.

Using simple and powerful kanban boards, you can ensure the right care is delivered at the right time and at the most appropriate cost as patients move through the care journey.

What’s good about Concerto is that it can work with—instead of replacing—your existing EMR and scheduling systems, effectively creating a virtual command center for your patient journey.

The best thing about it? Aside from standard workflows like insurance verification, Concerto also provides a way for you to design your own workflows without a lick of code. Just add the steps of your workflow and add cards for patients, visits, or tasks. It’s totally up to you.

Boost productivity and deliver better care

  • Schedule a patient at multiple locations within your continuum and create a patient itinerary complete with driving directions for the patient
  • Visualize the entire patient journey
  • Streamline routing and referrals

Improve patient satisfaction

  • Reduce wait times with mobile and kiosk check-in and screening tools
  • Empower patients with personalized care plans through intuitive mobile apps
  • Setup automated, real-time alerts to your staff when issues arise

Reduce overhead

  • Eliminate expensive specialist costs by avoiding conflicts and scheduling errors
  • Reduce no-shows and improve accountability with automated notification facilities
  • Support data collection with highly configurable Survey Engine and Rounding tools

Concerto Boards

Download the PowerPoint Slides to find out more about Concerto Boards.

    Concerto Check-in

    Download the PowerPoint Slides to find out more about Concerto Mobile and Kiosk Registration.