Acombina Symphony

Patient Relationship Management

Acombina Symphony is a full-featured patient call center with integrated telephony solution that lets you multiply your agents’ productivity while helping you acquire and retain patients. Through Symphony, one hospital’s call center increased their calls by 50,000 without adding more staff.

Make callers happy

  • Improve handle times (AHT) with our AgentAssist, which helps agents execute optimal next steps and appropriate campaigns within the first 10 seconds of the call
  • Lower abandonment and telco costs by shortening wait times
  • Improve customer experience with intelligent integration with the Maestro platform

Multiply productivity

  • Reduce call-volume spikes by shifting inbound demand to outbound callbacks
  • Increase productivity with automated callback assignment
  • Talk to patients via phone, SMS, and email without leaving the web browser
  • Visualize agent, team, and organizational performance

Streamline operations

  • Speed up agent onboarding and turnover with integrated knowledge management facilities
  • Refer patients to your facilities and partner facilities with confidence that the system will track the referral to completion and alert the right people at the right time
  • Manage and deploy campaigns scripts and guidelines from a single place