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Never waste a single dose

Administer the critical COVID-19 vaccine to your community without wasting a single dose through our efficient, ready-to-use coordination and response system


Express Vaccine Administration and Response System

You’re organization now has access to COVID-19 vaccines. But do you have the required systems at the ready to handle administration, documentation, and tracking of critical dosages for your patients? Acombina’s cloud ready solution can immediately be used to make sure that not one single vaccine dosage is wasted.

Reservation System

Schedule vaccinations through a convenient reservation system that lets patients choose the vaccine type, location, and time slot

Exclusion and Screening

Exclude ineligible patients based off criteria such as age or pregnancy


Capture demographics information for later analysis

Email and SMS Reminders

Automatically remind participants about their second dose so they don’t miss it

Consent and Signature

Get patients’ consent and signature before they come in to streamline the process